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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

The SBA Middle School will be using PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) beginning this year. The goal of PBIS is to address the behavioral and discipline systems needed for successful learning and social development of students. This school-wide system includes proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors in order to create a positive school environment.

PBIS includes school-wide procedures and processes intended for all students and all staff in all settings. It is a team-based process for systemic problem-solving, planning and evaluation. A team has been created and will engage in ongoing monthly meetings as well as attend further trainings.

As a part of PBIS, we have developed a system of acknowledgement to help motivate students to strive for success in addition to respecting others and the school environment. SBA students will be acknowledged by earning SBA Bucks which they can redeem at quarterly auctions; participating in end of term celebrations; earning PRIDE awards; and also Student of the Month awards.

Our motto at SBA has been PRIDE (PR+I+D=E Personal responsibility + Imagination+ Determination = Excellence). In adopting PBIS, we have expanded on this motto. As a result, we developed a behavior purpose statement which is “At SBA, we demonstrate pride by being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.”

As a staff, we have adopted a unified set of school-wide expectations which we have called “The Path to PR+I+D+E.” These expectations are linked to being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. The Freedom Rules will be posted throughout the school and will be presented to all students during the opening days of the school year. Our school-wide expectations will be found in every classroom and non-classroom setting in the school.

This link below reflects a comprehensive list of student expectations in locations such as the classroom, cafeteria, bathroom, hallway/stairwell, and bus.

As we move forward with our implementation of PBIS, we will make information and updates available on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school for more information.